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MasterHand Baby Yoga Programme

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This course helps both baby and toddlers embrace new experiences, where they can absorb and integrate through the mutual involvement of parents. It induces a happy, care-free and lively parent-infant interaction which will develop as the baby grows.

The focus of education

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In this programme, parents will learn the safe techniques and skills of baby yoga which contributes to the development of the baby's brain and the nervous system. MasterHand Baby Yoga, offers the stimulation of touch. The movement sequence in the workshops encourages flexibility and brings a balance and harmony to the body system. We also offer physical stimulation exercises including flowing postures, holding, movement, touch, voice and deep relaxation. This course enhances early bonding, social skills and creates a secure and happy foundation of wellbeing.

The course content

Parent-child massage, baby yoga, the primary sense of the nervous system and finger movements.

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