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Moving Hands

MasterHand Creative Art Programme

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Arts are vital to provide a well-rounded education. The use of art in this programme will encourage more freedom and confidence in the child's expression and improve their communication with parents. We believe that getting an early start in the arts can make a real difference in the lives of children. Developing artistic potential will provide each child with self-confidence and self-esteem. In addition, making art engages important parts of the child's brain and heightens their senses prompting the mind to act to its full potential.

The Moving Hands Art Programme follows a holistic integrated approach, where themes such as nature, food, festivals, science are utilised to give children the opportunity to explore and express their inner creativity.

The focus of education

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The child will learn about simple art techniques and materials associated with aesthetics (colours, stroke making, patterns, textures). Children will explore materials, art-making processes, which will enhance their basic motor skills through kinaesthetic activities.

The Course content

Artistic touch, aesthetics of art, art techniques and materials, craftwork.

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