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MasterHand Early Education & Development Programme is the starting point for children aged 0-3 years old to understand and explore the world. We are guided by the philosophy: "give the children space to express themselves, so that they become an expression of courage and confidence".

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Communication Problem?

Our programme is built on the basis that inter-personal skill in babies and toddlers is critical to language and overall brain progress. With early improvement in an infant/toddler's communication and physical expression, greater benefits will be seen, not only in communicating needs and managing tantrums, but more importantly in the child's future development and overall language capabilities. Through an integration of early education training workshops, MasterHand is delighted to offer parents and child development centres an exciting educational journey, which begins during pregnancy and will ensure each toddler is exposed, disciplined and ready for mainstream schooling. Our programme is carefully crafted around key development milestones in toddlers and takes advantage of the natural learning window from 0-3 years, in order to stimulate faster development of a baby's brain and give him a much needed head start in life. Our aim is also to promote lifelong learning and crucially enjoyment for both parents and toddlers alike. Sign-up today and find out more about our programme and training workshops!

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