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Maternal Bond

MasterHand Pregnancy Programme

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This programme will equip parents with the necessary knowledge and skills for labor, birth and early parenthood. Parents will gain awareness about the fetus development (14-35) weeks, using visual and auditory aids and also discover how to boost the development of their baby's brain and organs through sensory stimuli. This course will promote bonding during pregnancy and highlight the need for the mother to care for herself physically and emotionally.

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The Focus of Education

Throughout this course, parents will learn to make an important connection with their unborn child. From as early as 8 weeks, a baby's first nerve endings will enable him to feel sensations and it is important to nurture this by introducing the baby to human touch and to the world outside of the womb.

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This programme will help parents appreciate the unborn baby's emotional and intuitive capabilities to sense their parents' love. Through interactive pregnancy workshops, parents will be made more aware of the healthy attachment between baby and parents and the importance of trust and security.

While the father cannot influence the emotional state of his baby directly, we share some tips on how he can indirectly affect the emotional health of his baby, by the way he treats the mother. He can nurture his unborn baby by caring for the mother.

The Course Content

Prenatal care, prenatal care before delivery, preparation in delivery skills.

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