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MasterHand, as a result of extensive research and teacher collaboration in the preschool education sector, has developed an educational syllabus known as MasterHand Early Education & Development Programme and is the proprietor of all rights in the syllabus, the curriculum, course materials, manuals, teaching guides and the system of operating the programme.

The license to conduct this programme is available for preschools, education centres and individuals who are keen to set up their own early education learning programme. Each individual or organization must have an education license provided by the education authorities of their country.

The license will be granted based on a 3 year contact and Licensee fees will be paid to MasterHand Learning Asia Pacific LLP. Licenses must be paid for and signed before an organization receives training. It is the responsibility of the Master Trainers offering the training to see that all licenses are in order before training.

A minimum of 1 time teacher training schemes each year is a mandatory requirement. The licensee must ensure that each trainer has received MasterHand training in each Education component prior to running the workshop.

Product Details

Royalty Fees For 3 Year Includes:

  • Programme Syllabus Guidebook
  • Teacher Training For 5 Days (1 Time )

Additional Service Support:

  • Renovation Consultation
  • Marketing & Brand Consultation

For a complete costing enquiry for your school, please fill out the form on the contact us page. Our consultants will be in touch with you with the details.

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