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Multiple Senses

The Early Education Programme modules will develop multiple senses in babies and toddlers in order to nurture communication development. These multiple senses are fundamental to language acquisition in young learners, as they are learning to respond and interpret the world through their sensory organs. Our programme will encourage multi-sensory learning through interactive games and stimulating language activities. Learning through the senses will also help babies and toddlers make sense of sounds and images in the external world, which is an important first step to articulating language and forming deeper relationships with people.

Brain Development

The multi-sensory nature of the programme will also support the overall brain development in the young learner. As indicated in the diagram above, senses are understood and transmitted in separate potions of the brain.

Students will learn to respond to activities using the correct sense (music/ vision/ hearing) and teachers will evaluate which parts of the toddler's brain is developing well.

Through this method, teachers will be able to see which part of the toddler's brain is developing faster and which part needs more careful stimulation. In addition, by identifying early, an auditory or visual learner teachers and parents alike can improve communication and make learning more fun and meaningful.

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